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ARCHECORE 幻古戰記 ARC-26 灰熊守衛軍團 軍團督導官

TWD $1,280

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Product details




The Legion Officer exists independent from the system. While they don’t have a high military rank, they’re authorized to station in various companies and units to observe and report the activity of military commanders at all levels to the Legion Commander.

Authority often comes with risk, which is why Legion Officers often work in groups of 2 to provide mutual assistance; on one hand, this guarantees that military orders and information is conveyed, but it also prevents becoming a victim of those with malintent. Legion Officers are often powerful combatants capable of meeting the requirements of special missions; every Legion Officer selects a weapon from the armory that fits their preferences, expertise, and mission requirements. Thunderous War Hammers, Magma Blades, standard assault rifles, and light machine guns are the most commonly used equipment by Legion Officers.





●1/35 SCALE 全高約6cm(2.3英吋),已塗裝完成品。

●HI-POSEABLE 全身超過30處關節,可輕鬆擺出生動的POSE。

●HI-SPEC 複合素材ABS/POM/PA/PVC製作,打造令人安心把玩的手感。

●HI-DETAIL 在1/35實現1/12才能達到的精密度。

●WEAPONS 豐富的武器與配件。

●DIORAMA WORLD 忠實呈現有如微縮模型般的王國世界。


●1/35 SCALE:2.3 inches (6cm).

●HI-POSEABLE:Over 30 points of articulation.

●HI-SPEC:Made of ABS, POM, PA, and PVC.

●HI-DETAIL:Highly detailed and coloring.

●WEAPONS:A wide variety of weapons and accessories.

●DIORAMA WORLD:Faithfully presenting the kingdom world.


●1/35 SCALE 全高約6cm(2.3インチ)、彩色済み完成品。

●HI-POSEABLE 全身30か所以上の関節。迫力のポージングが可能。


●HI-DETAIL 1/35スケールで1/12スケールの精密さを実現。

●WEAPONS 豊富な武器類が付属します。

●DIORAMA WORLD 王国の世界をジオラマでリアルに再現。


●軍團督導官 本體×2














●Legion Officer figure×2

●Great Hammer×1

●Multi Purpose Rifle×1

●Rifle Sword×1

●Heavy Machine Gun×1


●Pistol Holster×2





●PVC Hands×16

















ARCHECORE 幻古戰記 ARC-26 灰熊守衛軍團 軍團督導官

TWD $1,280


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